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Importance of Maintaining High Levels Of Testosterone As We Age

Maintaining proper amounts of testosterone in the body is important to sustain overall health and well-being.

Testosterone 101

Testosterone is a steroid hormone necessary for enhanced libido, energy, immune function, and protection against osteoporosis.

In addition, this hormone supports the development of certain male attributes like hair patterns, muscles, and voice modulation.

Testosterone production in men increases under the puberty stage.

Normal testosterone levels in the bloodstream is about 359 and 1230 nanograms/decilitres

As people age, a decline in testosterone production is experienced. This decline causes low sex drive, constant tiredness, depression, and loss of strength.

Furthermore, very low levels of testosterone in men increases the risk of obesity and heart attack.

As we age over the age of 35, 40, 50 and 60, maintaining testosterone levels above 600 ng/dl

Low testosterone levels result from inability of the testes to produce adequate quantities of testosterone.

This development affects the whole-body system and causes many physiologic, chemical, and hormonal changes.

Age is not the only culprit for the drop of testosterone production.

According to David Zava, PhD., the president of ZRT Laboratory, a leading hormone research lab in the United States, many factors contribute to low testosterone levels.

Environmental toxins, prolonged stress, and depression are just some of the factors that may trigger the body to lower testosterone reproduction.

Lifestyle can also be a factor in lowered production of this hormone.

Excessive drinking, smoking lack of exercise, and unhealthy diet may damage the testes and lower testosterone production. Other reasons for low production of this substance are hypertension, use of anabolic steroids, prescription or non-prescription medications, surgeries, cancers, and infections.

People can improve testosterone levels by changing their lifestyles, improving their diet, or by including exercise programs in their daily lives.

Exercise and other physical activities are proven to show measurable improvements in testosterone levels.

Another key way to naturally increase testosterone levels is with supplements. Many products like herbal supplements and vitamin products that claim to boost hormones levels are available in the market.

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