30 Day Challenge For Men Over 40

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The 30-Day Challenge for Men is the #1 bodyweight only workout program used by thousands and thousands of men to lose between 7-20 pounds of fat while sculpting lean muscle in the comfort of your own home using no equipment.

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    Bought this course but seem I was scam.

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ATTENTION: MEN OVER 30, 40, 50 OR 60…

Discover How REGULAR MEN LIKE YOU, Are Burning Fat, Losing Weight & Shaping Up, In The Comfort Of Their Own Home, With Our 30-Day “Home Body” LIVE Workout Challenge & Fat Loss Formula for Men

Follow The Exact Program Thousands Of Men Have Used to Lose 7-20 Pounds of Fat, While Sculpting Lean Muscle Using Nothing But Their Own Body Weight In The Comfort Of Their Living Room In Just 30 Days

The weight loss results and testimonials are in no way a guarantee of results.
Individual weight loss results, including amount and time, will vary.

The weight loss results and testimonials are in no way a guarantee of results. Individual weight loss results, including amount and time, will vary.
The weight loss results and testimonials are in no way a guarantee of results. Individual weight loss results, including amount and time, will vary.
The weight loss results and testimonials are in no way a guarantee of results. Individual weight loss results, including amount and time, will vary.

Our Commitment & Iron-Clad Guarantee

Our 30 Day “Home Body” Workout Challenge has been designed and tested to help you achieve the results you want – faster and easier than ever imagined.  This is an AT HOME challenge with daily on-line bodyweight only workouts (no equipment needed), full nutrition plan, daily accountability, Facebook Support Group, and Weekly Coaching with Funk Roberts. My reputation for being the last stop for fitness success is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Absolutely love your results at the end of your 30 Day “Home Body” Challenge or you don’t pay.  The only thing you have to lose is the fat!

Hey! Funk Roberts here…

And if you want to…

Then lean in and read every word of this quick letter…

Because I’m going to ask for just 30 short days of your life

30 days to commit to the new you…


Now you might be wondering why I am putting on this awesome challenge, choked with so much value, where men lose on average 7 – 20 pounds in 30 days for just $39.

And why I am including all this value for only twenty nine bucks…with no hidden fees, no monthly payments, no recurring costs and NO PAYMENTS AFTER THE 30 DAYS?

It’s simple…our world is in a state of emergency right now!

There is a pandemic all over the world and it has forced many of us to be stuck at home…no gym…limited socializing… and no community.

The time is NOW to do everything we can to improve our health, NOT isolate…AND COME TOGETHER!

The weight loss results and testimonials are in no way a guarantee of results. Individual weight loss results, including amount and time, will vary.

So, I am trying to do my part and bring as many men around the WORLD as possible together through this 30-day home body workout challenge filled with awesome follow-along bodyweight-only circuits, a simple to follow nutrition plan designed to melt fat off your body, and the coaching and camaraderie you’ll gain motivation and inspiration from as we all Get It Done together.

Plus, we have a lot of time on our hands so LET’S GET RIPPED AND JACKED TOGETHER…

Because I’m going to take you by the hand and show you exactly…



Without signing up for a gym membership… chugging chalky protein shakes 3x a day… or buying expensive fat burners…

You’ll learn all the tips and scientific strategies it takes to shortcut your way to a leaner waistline in only 30 days

And accelerate your path to a leaner and more attractive you… Plus better focus and energy beginning day 1.

Whether you have 10… 15… or even 30 lbs. to lose…

Or you want to finally get rid of that last sheet of stubborn belly fat covering your abs…

I’ll help you get there…

Because a groundbreaking study — published earlier this year from the University of Alabama — found a unique strategy that…

The weight loss results and testimonials are in no way a guarantee of results. Individual weight loss results, including amount and time, will vary.

“Bypasses” Your Sugar Burning Fuel Tank…

And “Activate” Your Fat Burning Fuel Tank!

So your body gets nearly all its energy by burning that frustrating, fluffy body fat you’re ready to get rid of. (1)

Researchers from the University of Tennessee and Louisiana State University agree this could be the most powerful rapid fat loss method discovered in recent years… (2)

And it’s so effective…

It should NEVER be used for more than 30-days at a time…

Which is exactly why I’ve built a 30-day program around this brand new research…

So you can have a battle-tested plan you can follow along with any time you need to shave a few pounds off again, or just to get the momentum you need to get back on track.



The #1 At-Home Weight Loss Challenge For Men

The weight loss results and testimonials are in no way a guarantee of results. Individual weight loss results, including amount and time, will vary.
The weight loss results and testimonials are in no way a guarantee of results. Individual weight loss results, including amount and time, will vary.
The weight loss results and testimonials are in no way a guarantee of results. Individual weight loss results, including amount and time, will vary.



Component 1:

The 30-Day Main Challenge Guide

The 30 Day Main Challenge Guide gives you a complete overview of what to expect throughout the challenge…

Plus… how to achieve the very besthead-turning… and downright shocking fat loss results in one short month. Inside you’ll find…

Component 2:

30 Day Done-For-You Meal Plans

I get that planning your meals can be a pain in the butt sometimes…

Which is why I wanted to take all the hassle off your shoulders and make it easy as pie to plug n play this programand watch the fat melt away!

Inside you’ll get…

Component 3:

30 Days Follow Along Bodyweight Workouts

Accelerate fat loss all day long by adding some muscle to your frame

Without a gym membership or a set of dumbbells…

you don’t even need to leave your bedroom if you don’t want to!

Just follow along with these short 25-minute at home bodyweight workouts that are specifically designed for men over 40 who want to get in better shape without injuring themselves or creating inflammation you can’t recover from…

…whether you’re an experienced exercise fanatic or complete newbie.

Each workout is low-impact and safe for your joints… yet fires away like heavy artillery against body fat.

All you have to do is “plug n’ play” and achieve head-turning fat loss and muscle-building results!

Component 4:

Tabata Abs And Core Finishers

These short, intense 4 minute bonus circuits we add to your bodyweight workouts will help you develop a rock hard core men over 40 need to protect their back and joints!

Inside you’ll get 10 wickedly effective in-your-face tabata style six-pack abs routines that burn 320% more body fat while igniting your metabolism…

… and carving obliques and v-lines that’ll drive your woman buck wild!

These done for you follow-along video workouts give you the very best instruction for how to perform these critical core movements…

And get lightning-fast results that don’t aggravate your back or inflame your spine like most abdominal circuits.

Component 5:

30 Day “Home Body” Live Workout Challenge Fitness App

You’ll get a free download when you sign up for your 30 Day “Home Body” Live Workout Challenge…

With access to the entire program, meals plans follow-along workouts, coaching tips, and daily resources directly on your smartphone for a coaching experience that’s in a league of its own.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours working with high-level developers to create the superior, yet simple to use 30 Day “Home Body” Live Workout Challenge Fitness App that’s yours free when you sign up today.

Component 6:

Private Facebook Community Access

The reason men fail and fall back into their old destructive patterns just weeks into a New Year…

Is because they don’t have the support and accountability to dominate their goals

Which is why we want you in the Brotherhood (our private Facebook group full of men over 40) immediately.

This is our private support group with myself and your fellow Alphas… so you have like-minded guys in your corner at every stage and every age.

You can’t go at it alone… which is why I’ve brought together the most spectacular, supportive group of guys on the planet to kick off the New Year getting lean and ripped by your side.

Component 7:

Daily Coaching Videos

Over the next 30 days I’m going to personally coach you to your fastest weight loss experience yet…

Which is why I’ve added a month of exclusive coaching videos to The 30 Day “Home Body” Live Workout Challenge.

Each day… you’ll get a coaching video delivered straight to your inbox

Where I’ll deliver motivation, tips and weight loss tricks that I’ve NEVER revealed before.

The content in these videos are exclusive to members of this challenge ONLY.

You won’t find them anywhere on my YouTube channel or in any other program I’ve created. In other words…

When you sign up for the 30 Day “Home Body” Live Workout Challenge…

You’ll unlock a wealth of brand-new fat-melting information that no one else is getting.

Component 8:

Daily Accountability Emails

I want to be a good coach and teammate over the next 30 days to make sure you get the very best results…

That’s why I’m going to check in with you every single day over the entire 30 day program… to help keep you on track, motivated and excited about your transformation.

The content in these emails will inspire you to keep going strong with the 30 Day “Home Body” Live Workout Challenge…

So you can experience the absolute fastest fat loss imaginable…

Ones that’ll shock you… and everyone around you… and kick start the New Year by becoming a new you!

30-Day 100% Ironclad MoneyBack Guarantee

If you don’t love your results at the end of 30-days…
you won’t pay a single penny…

I’m a firm believer that if a program promises big results… it should live up to those claims.

And if it doesn’t… you shouldn’t pay a single penny for it.

That’s why when you sign up for The 30 Day “Home Body” Live Workout Challenge… you’re completely protected by my 30-day 100% Ironclad Money Back Guarantee.

If you don’t lose body fat, boost your confidence, and transform your physique by the time July 1st rolls around… just let me know and you’ll get your investment back in full.

With that said…

It’s very unlikely you won’t see amazing results if you stick to the program.

It’s more likely you’ll be blown away by how fast the fat falls off your body in days… and how much better and more confident you feel at the end of the first week.

And if you follow this done-for-you program to the letter for 30-days, there’s no way you won’t enjoy a complete physique upgrade.

But in any case that you don’t…

Just email me and let me know… and you’ll receive a full, hassle-free refund.

In other words — there’s absolutely no risk for you today or for the entire 30 days on the program.

You’ve got nothing to lose and a lean, ripped and confidence-boosting physique to gain.

The weight loss results and testimonials are in no way a guarantee of results.
Individual weight loss results, including amount and time, will vary.


This challenge has helped thousands of men in their 40s, 50, 60s, and beyond lose noticeable fat in only 30 days.

Beginning day one, you’ll burn fat hour by hour

And when you stick with the program…

The fat loss won’t stop until the 30-days are up.

And you’ll enjoy a complete physique transformation — likely even a whole 6 months worth of fat loss — in just 30 days.

So what are you waiting for?

This is your opportunity to get the easiest, fastest and most fun fat loss experience you could ever hope for

Your Friend and Coach,

Funk Roberts

P.S. If you want to unlock head turning fat loss results and watch your body transform before your very eyes… what are you waiting for? I've made everything simple to follow. You can't get lost or confused. And if you do, I'm just an email away to get you back on track. Click the “Take The Challenge” button below and instantly be on your way to a lean, attractive and confidence-boosting physique.

P.P.S. Remember you’re backed by my 30-Day 100% Ironclad Money Back Guarantee. So you have nothing to lose and a life-changing opportunity to gain. I can’t wait to hear about your results!


Funk Roberts
Johnathan Tarry
Karl Godden
Warwick Rule
Mark Evans
Allan Little
Cordell Rogers
Health Lewis
Ruben Calleja
Sean Dawson
Arturo Gutierrez
Ryan Buju Carrington
Bruce Taylor
Robert Evans
David Watson
Chris Elwood
Bradley Hodgetts

The weight loss results and testimonials are in no way a guarantee of results.
Individual weight loss results, including amount and time, will vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

The 30 Day Challenge is a path to the Over 40 Alpha Lifestyle. The 30 Day Challenge will take you through the main 4 PILLARS (Mindset, Recovery, Workouts, Nutrition) that will help you build the foundation you need to be successful with your health and fitness. For thirty days you will follow

  • Follow metabolic bodyweight workouts,
  • Follow a 30 day nutrition plan focused on revving up metabolism, increasing your testosterone, boosting energy and helping you lose weight
  • Get Support, Motivation and Accountability from Funk and your fellow brothers in the Challenge

All 30-Day Challenge Group Members will go through the process together as a solid Over 40 Alpha Brotherhood!

You will be given the all the tools you need to get through the 30-Day Fitness Challenge. Each day you will receive a video post, email, and Fitness App push that will give you the mission for the day. Your mission each day will contain workouts, sample daily meal plan, challenges and motivation.

This is an open 30-Day Challenge you can start anytime.

After you finish the challenge, you can continue receiving daily workouts and nutrition designed for men over 40 in the Over 40 Alpha Brotherhood.

When you buy your 30 Day Digital Challenge Kit you get:
  • 30 Day Challenge Main Guide and RoadMap
  • Daily Coaching and Motivation Videos
  • 30 Day Challenge Private Support Group
  • Fitness App (Workouts, nutrition, daily videos)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Measurements and Tracking Guide
  • Success and Goal Setting Guide
  • Workout Guide and 30 Day Schedule
  • 5 Follow Along Bodyweight Workout Videos (HD Follow Along)
  • Warm Up and Stretch Routine Videos
  • 10 Abs and Core Follow Along Circuits
  • Yoga Stretch Routine
  • 30 Day Nutrition Overview
  • 30 Day Daily Meal Plan
  • 30 Day Advanced Meal Plan (Fasting)
  • Meal Plan Program
  • Testosterone Detox Guide
  • Supplement Guide
  • Sleep Guide

There are 5 Follow Along Bodyweight Only Workouts that have been professionally shot in HD. Depending on your fitness level you preform 3, 4 or 5 workout per week.

  • Beginner – 3 Workouts – Sample Monday – Wednesday – Friday
  • Intermediate – 4 Workouts – Sample Schedule – Monday – Tuesday – Thursday- Friday
  • Advanced – 5 Workouts – Sample Schedule – Monday – Friday

NO, you do not need any equipment or a gym membership to complete your 30 Day Challenge metabolic At Home Workout Plan.

Everything can be done at home no matter what your fitness level or experience!

The workouts are joint friendly metabolic circuits (between 10-25 minutes) that are designed to help burn calories during and after, build muscle, increase body strength and boost testosterone. The workouts are follow-along circuits, that use different protocols:
  • Metabolic Monday
  • Tabata Torch Tuesday
  • Wild Style Wednesday
  • Total Body Thursday
  • Fat Loss Friday
Yes the workouts are created for all fitness levels but the key is to go at your own pace!
Yes, you can perform my 4-minute Tabata Abs and Core circuits after each workout session. These workouts are also follow-along and will be accessible on the same page of your main workout. There are 10 different Tabata Abs circuits and you will be able to use them all.

In the Challenge you will have a warm up video and post workout stretch video that you will perform after each workout session. Recovery is super important during the Challenge and we want to ensure that you stay injury free, keep soreness to a minimal and help you to recovery faster between workouts.

You will also get access to a Yoga Shred Full Body Stretch Routine (Follow Along Workout) that you can use anytime…I suggest Saturdays!

You will get access to the 30 Nutrition Overview and 30-Day Meal Plan. The Meta Test Boost overview will give you all the principles you need to ensure you are eating the right foods at the right times to help you burn belly fat, increase energy, lose weight, recovery quickly and boost T-Levels.

You will learn how to create balanced plate meals, so you eat Healthy fats, complex carbs, quality proteins and vegetables/fruits. You will also get access to 30-day meal plan that will give you your daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to choose from.

The simple to follow nutrition plan of the challenge is the KEY to your success!

You will have access to coaching videos that help you with your nutrition, meal planning, sleep tips and other information to help you through the 30-day challenge.
You will have access to the 30-Day Challenge in a few different ways
  1. 30 Day Challenge Website. – will host all eBooks, workout videos, meal plans and daily information for the 30 Days
  2. Over 40 Shred Fitness App – you can download and access all the workout videos, PDf, meal plans and daily motivation emails on the Fitness App
  3. Facebook Group – You will get daily messages posted in the Private Facebook group with links to the daily workouts, nutrition and motivation
  4. Email – You will receive daily emails to support you, keep you accountable and direct you to the daily workouts, nutrition and challenges
You will get FULL ACCESS to all information for the challenge right when you sign up
I know that following the 30 Day Challenge will get you the results you want. But NO WORRIES! You can complete it at your own pace! Just jump back into Day 1 when you are ready to start over.
We know that following the 30-Day Challenge will get you the results you want. But NO WORRIES! You can complete the workouts during your vacation as they are bodyweight only so you can do it in your hotel room if you need to. If you need to catch up from missing a day or two, that’s ok!

My Team and I stand by our products and services with the 30-Day Challenge and we have 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. We believe that you will get the desired results ONLY when you invest in yourself and GO ALL IN!

If you go through the 30-Day Challenge and at the end you feel like it didn’t help you or you didn’t get the results you want, we think it’s only fair that you get your money back.

As long as you participated in the Challenge each week you are 100% covered. Either you get results, or you get your money back!

To be eligible for the Satisfaction Guarantee you must have submitted a before and after picture with measurements and have completed the FULL 30 Cay Challenge.

You WILL NOT be eligible for the Satisfaction Guarantee if you disengage from the 30 Day Challenge and fail to follow it as instructed.

Scientific References: