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Captain’s Challenge T-Shirt Bundle


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Captain’s Challenge "Bond" T-Shirt

The Captain’s Challenge Bond Edition T-shirt signifies the bonding relationship of a Brotherhood. The definition of brotherhood by Merriam-Webster is either the quality or state of being brothers, a fellowship, an alliance, an association (such as a labor union or monastic society) for a particular purpose and the whole body of persons engaged in a business or profession.

The Over 40 Alpha Brotherhood Bond is a way to learn through your fellow me, do stay accountability through challenges and life journey and a way to stay connected with men striving to be the best they can.

The greatest benefit of BONDING inside the Brotherhood is having a sense of accountability. You can be vulnerable and confide in them when you have bad days or feel weak…and you can celebrate when you have success.

The Bond within the Brotherhood gives you a sense of responsibility to be better and meet your goals no matter what they are. A Brotherhood ensures you stay on track. A brotherhood gives you perspective about what is important in life, further enhancing everything you learned when growing up.

And the Bond during this challenge is reminder that you are ALL ON THE SAME JOURNEY and NEVER ALONE


Captain’s Challenge Loyalty T-Shirt

The Over 40 Brotherhood November 2022 - Captain’s Challenge Loyalty Edition T-Shirt is the essential Alpha pillar. Loyalty is one of the essential Manly virtues just like, courage, integrity, and personal responsibility,

Any form of friendship and brotherhood requires a level of loyalty to survive. A brotherhood built on loyalty makes it easier for brothers to share about anything.

Josiah Royce, author of the 1920 book, The Philosophy of Loyalty, said loyalty was “the willing and practical and thoroughgoing devotion of a person to a cause.
Willing. Loyalty must be born from your own choice and free will. You have chosen to take part in this Challenge …it was not forced upon you by another person or organization. Loyalty must be chosen.

Practical and thoroughgoing devotion. Loyalty is not some pie in the sky abstraction. It must be coupled with action. You are taking action each and every day to commit to this challenge no matter how hard or difficult it is. action must always constitute the core of loyalty.

To a Cause. The Captain Challenge is the cause that you are being loyal to and the bond with your Brothers…True Loyalty is something bigger than the individual. It’s about principles not people…You are not loyal to the individual person but loyal to the idea of brotherhood and friendship.


Captain’s Challenge “Real” T-Shirt

The Over 40 Brotherhood November 2022 - Captain’s Challenge “Real” Edition T-Shirt is about living a life and taking on this challenge with integrity and honesty.

Living a life of being REAL and having integrity is a daily process that doesn't end until your life does. Being REAL is being honest with yourself. Be who are. Say what you mean. Do what you say you will do. Don’t just walk the walk; talk the talk.

This Challenge forces you to be real and LIVE with integrity. Being real and living with integrity makes life easier. Living with integrity brings wholeness and peace. Your conscience can rest easy, and you can look at yourself in the mirror with pride. It builds trust with your brothers, family and people around you. It allows you to live with unity ad purpose. And your actions of doing something NOW not later or stop the act of rationalizing ad taking responsibility for your actions is KEY…It’s time to be real with every exercise and workout during this tough challenge.


Captain’s Challenge "Fearless" T-Shirt

The Over 40 Brotherhood November 2022 - Captain’s Challenge “Fearless” Edition T-Shirt is about the courage and bravery you show during this Challenge.

Fear is in all of us and should be embraced. Courageous people are as afraid as anyone else. It is actually their fear that makes them courageous and brave, not the lack of it. But they manage their fear differently. Taking on the challenge demands a fearless attitude, which means you must learn to leverage fear.

Fearless people are not afraid to be afraid. They are comfortable acknowledging their fear. For them fear is not an enemy. It is an ally that guides them through high-stakes situations and ensures success and goal achievement.

Fear is a combination experience that combines physical, mental and emotional components.

But the Fearless understand that their own actions can determine
When fear arises, fearless people don’t let it linger and They want to know what is causing it. Fearless people realize that fear is not so much about what scares you but about why it scares you and is 3 main reasons why it’s there, through biology, past experiences or worrying about the unknown future.

This shirt exemplifies taking action despite your fear…not because of it!

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