Dumbbell Strong RX Program

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Over the next 28 days, we are going to use the classic 5×5 strength-building protocol and dumbbells to build a foundation of functional strength. We will also perform an auxiliary workout and a DB HIIT Circuit to help us burn fat while building strength.

During this program, we will be using a 5×5 functional strength protocol with 2 exercises each workout that covers the basic compound lifts and primal movements as well. Then after the strength portion of the workout, you will perform a short circuit focusing on the biceps or shoulders.

Then you will perform an auxiliary workout using a non-strength-focused circuit and triceps finisher.

At at the end of the week, you will have a BONUS DB HIIT workout using a Burpee HUB exercise, so we still burn fat during the program.

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Price: $127.00

dumbbell strong rx proram overview

Get Stronger and Transform Your Body with the 5X5 Strength Method and a Pair of Dumbbells In Just 4 Weeks.


Are you ready to finally see real results in your strength training? The 5X5 Strength Method is a proven system for building lean muscle and increasing strength, and it can all be done with just a pair of dumbbells!


The Dumbbell Strong RX program combines the power of the 5X5 method with the versatility of dumbbells to give you a comprehensive strength training plan that can be done anywhere. No need for a crowded gym or expensive equipment – just grab your dumbbells and get ready to see real progress.


This program is designed to help you reach your fitness goals through a series of challenging yet achievable workouts. Using only a set of dumbbells, you’ll be able to target all major muscle groups and see real results in just a few short weeks.


My program includes a comprehensive training guide, complete with follow along workout videos, demo videos, warm up and stretch routines and a c workout calendar to help you stay on track. Plus, with our support and encouragement every step of the way, you’ll have everything you need to succeed.


Don’t let another day go by feeling insecure about your strength. Take control of your fitness journey with the Dumbbell Strength program today!


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  • DUMBBELL STRONG RX follow along workout videos 

  • DUMBBELL STRONG RX demo videos 

  • DUMBBELL STRONG RX Workout Guide

  • DUMBBELL STRONG RX Success Calendar which lays out your entire 28-day schedule

  • Abs Workout Finisher Videos (follow along videos) 

  • Warm up and Stretch Routine Videos (follow along videos)

  • Access to Program on Protected Website

  • FREE ACCESS: Funk Supplements Tribe Private Facebook Group

  • LIVE Monthly Facebook Coaching: Q&A, Fitness, Supplements, Nutrition and More


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