Over 40 Metabolic Muscle Program

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The Over 40 Metabolic Muscle Workout System

A complete 28 day done-for-you training protocol featuring metabolic resistance training – the scientifically proven way to replace body fat with rock-hard muscle in just a few minutes per workout. All you need is 24-minutes 3x per week, a room the size of a closet, and a set of dumbbells. You’ll chisel a lean, muscular and athletic physique you’re proud to show off.. with plenty of youthful energy to be the “alpha dog” in every area of life — at any age!

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Over 40 Metabolic Muscle program overview

The Over 40 Metabolic Muscle Training Guide gives you a complete overview of what to expect over the next 28-days, plus how to unlock every “body recomposition process” in your body in one single swoop, and achieve the very best.. head-turning.. and downright shocking fat loss and muscle building results in less than a month. Inside you’ll find…


  • The complete done-for-you Over 40 Metabolic Muscle Workout System laid out for you like your mom used to set out your clothes in the morning… just plug n’ play and watch your physique transform in just weeks

  • The amazingly simple Quick Start guide that’ll show you how to add slabs of lean muscle to your frame with Metabolic Resistance Training… and how to keep fat loss rolling for 38-hours straight after your workout!

  • The secret to “automate” your physique transformation starting from your very first workout!

  • progress tracking guide that makes it easy to track your resultsstay motivated and celebrate your success over the next 28 days…

  • And much more!

4 Follow Along Workouts

Accelerate muscle gain and fat loss with these 12 follow along workout videos.

You’ll get 4 videos for the next 4 weeks with done-for-you routines you… and it’ll feel like I’m right there with you.. 



All you need is a set of dumbbells… a room the size of a closet… and you’re ready to rock n’ roll. Just follow along with these short 24-minute at home workouts that work for any man who wants to get in better shape… 



Whether you’re an experienced exercise fanatic or complete newbie.

Each workout is low-impact and safe for your joints… yet fires away like heavy artillery against body fat… while boosting muscle growth like when you were a teen. All you have to do is “plug n’ play” and achieve head-turning fat loss and muscle-building results!

Metabolic Muscle Meal Plan

I get that planning your meals can be a pain in the butt sometimes…


Which is why I wanted to take all the hassle off your shoulders and make it easy as pie to lose fat, build muscle and boost testosterone with every meal!



Inside The Metabolic Muscle Meal Plan You’ll Get…



  • The 28-Day Over 40 Metabolic Muscle Meal Plan overview… (You’ll lose belly fat and get lean without sacrificing an ounce of timeenergy or thought racking your brain trying to figure out what to eat)…

  • A complete 28-day done-for-you meal plan that boosts testosterone levels in men (and puts 99% of all diets out there to shame)… and makes body fat fall off like clockwork!

  • Testosterone increasing and metabolic boosting plan that lays out the right macronutrients and micronutrients that you need to balance your hormones, kickstart your fat burning whiling feeding your muscles…WARNING: This plan is only for guys who really want to crank it up a notch and experience a mind boggling transformation that has everyone begging to know your secret…

  • And much more!

Metabolic Muscle Meal Plan

  • Your abs and core are the most important aspects of your physique and health…

  • And when you show off a strong core… you won’t only prevent back injuries and poor balance…

  • But you’ll also be a babe magnet when you take your shirt off at the beach…

  • After all — having a muscular midsection is the #1 vanity metric women measure a man by

  • Plus, when you have a strong core you movefeel, and perform at the highest level in every aspect of life — from going hard in the gym to helping your partner carry groceries into the house.

  • Listen… the core is “the connector” between your upper and lower body.

  • And when your core is weak — you’re prone to injury, a target for tight muscles, and less likely to be active 5 years from now…

  • Which is why I want to give you my secret to six-pack abs that also strengthens your core… so you never have a “connection problem” in your body again.

Everything You Get With The Over 40 Metabolic Muscle Training 28 Day Workout Program Digital Download and Access

  • Metabolic Muscle follow along workout videos 

  • Metabolic Muscle demo videos 

  • Over 40 Metabolic Muscle Training Workout Guide

  • Over 40 Metabolic Muscle Success Calendar which lays out your entire 28-day schedule

  • Tabata Abs Workout Finisher Videos (follow along videos) 

  • Warm up and Stretch Routine Videos (follow along videos)

  • Muscle Hack Nutrition System 

  • Access to Program on Protected Website

  • FREE ACCESS: Funk Supplements Tribe Private Facebook Group

  • LIVE Monthly Facebook Coaching: Q&A, Fitness, Supplements, Nutrition and More