The Kettlebell For Beginners Online Workshop & Course


The Kettlebell for Beginners Online Workshop and Course 

Our Kettlebell Workshop will ensure that at the end of the 8 modules and 28-day kettlebell program you will be proficient in all the foundational kettlebell exercises, movements, and overall training, and you may be the first to get our KBSA Certification (we are working on this as well). The course is Certification quality without you having to spend 1000s of dollars. Kettlebell Spartan Online Workshop is a self-paced, 8-module online kettlebell course and is based on Hard Style kettlebell training. All of the videos in the Workshop were professionally shot in high-definition so you don’t miss anything and we will teach you everything your need from kettlebell fundamentals to mastering the foundational exercises and movements. Adding drills after each video module, a full kettlebell workshop guide with descriptions and pictures of each exercise, and finally, a 28 Day Kettlebell Training program with follow-along workout videos using all the KB exercises that you just learned so you can master your kettlebell skills and technique while getting strong and FIT!

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Kettlebell spartan beginner
workshop & bootcamp breakdown

Module 1 – Kettlebell Foundations

  1. Difference Between Kettlebell Training (Sport vs Russian Style)
  2. Selecting Your Kettlebell Weight (Men and Women)
  3. Beginner Principles and Foundations of KB Training
  4. Holding the Kettlebell – Goblet and Rack 
  5. Main Kettlebell Grips – Claw vs Crush 
  6. How to Engage Your Core and Pillar 
  7. Breathing Techniques
  8. Main Kettlebell Set Up Positions 
  9. Halo and Around the Body Exercises 
  10. Full Body Warm Up Routine with Angela

Module 2 – The Hip Hinge and Deadlift

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Perform the Hip Hinge
  3. How to Perform the Kettlebell Deadlift
  4. Daily Drills – PDF

Module 3 – The KB Swing

  1. Introduction
  2. How To Perform the Two Arm Kettlebell Swing
  3. How to Perform the Single Arm and Alternating Swing
  4. Daily Drills – PDF

Module 4 – KB Row and Clean

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Perform the Kettlebell Row (variations)
  3. How to Perform the Kettlebell Clean
  4. Daily Drills – PDF

Module 5 – KB Squats and Lunges

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Perform the Kettlebell Squat
  3. How to Perform the Kettlebell Lunge
  4. Daily Drills – PDF

Module 6 – KB Shoulder Press and Floor Press 

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Perform the Kettlebell Strict Shoulder Press
  3. How to Perform the Kettlebell Floor Chest Press
  4. Daily Drills – PDF

Module 7 – Kettlebell Snatch variations

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Perform the Kettlebell High Pull Snatch
  3. How to Perform the Kettlebell Clean Snatch Variation 
  4. Daily Drills – PDF

Module 8 – Windmill

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Perform the Kettlebell Windmill
  3. Daily Drills – PDF

BONUS Module – Turkish Get Up

  1. Introduction
  2. Turkish Get Up
  3. Get Up Ladder Workout

Congrats and Next Steps

  1. Congratulations and Next Steps
  2. Kettlebell Spartan 28 Day Beginner Program


  • Males need at least a single kettlebell: 12kg, 16kg and 20kg (optional)
  • Females need at least a single kettlebell:  8kg, 12kg and16kg (optional)

Each module inside the Kettlebell Spartan Online Course is recorded in high-definition and we’ve made each session so easy to follow, a kindergartener could do it. Each workshop in the bootcamp is 10-15 minutes long. And when you sign up, you’ll also get an eBook with complimentary kettlebell drills. So It doesn’t matter if you’re completely clueless on how to use a kettlebell, Or if you use kettlebells here-and-there but you want to brush up on your technique. Over the next 10 Days you’ll learn how to utilize the most powerful training tool on the planet with AMAZING success. What Happens After You Finish The Kettlebell Spartan Online Course? Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging! 

After you complete the self-paced Kettlebell Workshop then it’s time to start our 28 Day Kettlebell for Beginners Workout Program where to take all the exercises and movements you learned I the Workshop and put them into action with our Single Kettlebell Metabolic Workouts.

Introducing The 4-Week Kettlebell Starter Pack Program… 

So, you can unlock a powerful kettlebell transformation using the exercises you learn inside the workshop! The 4-Week Kettlebell Starter Pack Program is a complete done-for-you protocol for folks who are new to kettlebell training, and it’s super simple. All you have to do is click “play”… follow along with me and my wife as we go through the workouts with you, and you’ll burn fat, lose weight, build muscle, get stronger.. all while becoming a master of the kettlebell!

But we didn’t stop there… 

When You Sign Up For The 10-Day Online Kettlebell Spartan Workshop You’ll Also Get;

Pack Component #1: Kettlebell Spartan Beginner Follow Along Workouts

We’ve recorded every workout that uses all the kettlebell exercises and movements that you learned in the Workshop with high-definition video quality. Each workout is between 20-30 minutes total and uses just a single kettlebell. So, all you have to do is hit “play” and follow along with my wife Angela and me. You will combine the powerful metabolic training and kettlebell exercises that will help you shred unwanted fat, build lean, attractive muscle, get stronger joints and bones, and even reverse aging.. while we go through these workouts together! Since we spent the first 10 day together learning it is only fitting that we train together. While continue to teach, motivate and inspire you to become a Kettlebell Spartan from the comfort of your own living room, hotel room, or wherever else you want to follow these workouts.. So, I guarantee you’ll have a blast and get into amazing shape while you’re at it.

Pack Component #2: The 28 Day Kettlebell Spartan Beginner Program Manual

Inside the Program manual, we will show you everything you need to have success with the program… And a complete training schedule so you know when to follow each workout for the best results.  Some of the workouts you’ll get inside are my Kettlebell Meltdown Beginner Workout… the Kettlebell EMOM Eliminator… my favorite Kettlebell MetCON AMRAP Assault Workout… and more. 

Pack Component #3: Kettlebell Beginner Workout Demonstration Videos

I know kettlebell training will be new to a lot of people… and that’s why Angela and I put together kettlebell beginner demonstration videos… Where we’ll take you by the hand and walk you through exactly how to do every exercise inside the 28 Day Kettlebell Beginner Program. These short demo videos will give you a quick overview of the exercises that we will be performing in the workouts, so you can have a sneak peek at the movements before you DIVE INTO THE FOLLOW ALONG WORKOUTS You’ll love how easy it is to pick-up on these movements and unlock the best results from the challenge.  

Pack Component #4 Results Accelerator Done-For-You Nutrition Plans

Nutrition is KEY for seeing the fastest possible results from your kettlebell workouts. BUT.. My wife and I are firm believers that eating “right” doesn’t have to be boring or bland.. That’s why we put our heads together and created these Results Accelerator Kettlebell Spartan Done-For-You Nutrition Plans.  We built-out a meal plan for men to help boost testosterone levels, speed-up your metabolism, and replace the stubborn “dad bod” with a ripped “rad bod”…  And a meal plan for women to burn fat, lose weight, tone-up those saggy “problem areas” and get so fit you feel comfortable walking around in skin-tight yoga pants if you want. Just follow your nutrition plan along with your kettlebell training and you’ll get faster results than you ever could without it! 

Pack Component #5 – 8 Minute Abs And Core Finishers

Want to tighten and tone your midsection? The kettlebell can be a great tool for that, too! That’s why included in the 28 Day Kettlebell Spartan Beginner Program we we’ll give you 8 Minute Abs And Core Finishers! All you have to do is tack-on these short finishers to the ends of your workouts… And watch in amazement as your belly and love handles melt away… Until you’re showing off an attractive set of abs that makes you feel confident in a bathing suit… and your birthday suit! 

Pack Component #6 – Kettlebell Warm-Up And Stretch Routines

Warming up your muscles is the most important part of staying healthy and getting fast results that most people completely miss out on… That’s why we created a short routine to warm up your entire body so your muscles and joints feel great going into your kettlebell exercises. Just follow this super simple routine before your workouts and I guarantee you’ll feel as limber, mobile, and flexible as ever. Plus… You’ll be blown away by how much more explosive you feel during your kettlebell workouts!

Pack Component #7 -Range Of Motion & Mobility Routines

If you want to feel as flexible and mobile as possible… to perform better during your workouts and in everyday life… Then you need to recover from your kettlebell training the RIGHT way. That’s why as part of the 28 Day Kettlebell Beginner Workout Program you’ll also get this powerful video resources implemented into your weekly schedule… So your back, hips and everywhere else feel bulletproof… And your body stays mobile, flexible, and injury-free. After all… What’s the point of having a great-looking body if it hurts all the time? Follow the videos in this bonus and you’ll feel as good as you look!

Pack Component #8 – Access To Private Kettlebell Spartan Academy  Facebook Group

I’ve been in the fitness industry for a long time… And I haven’t seen a tighter-knit community than the kettlebell community.  That’s why when you sign up for the 10-Day Kettlebell Spartan Workshop… We want to connect you with other folks who are unlocking the power of the kettlebell just like you are. Inside this group you’ll be able to share your progress, get feedback on form, challenge one another, and so much more. The KBSA Facebook Group is a family of men and women who LOVE the kettlebell and are on the same journey as you. This kind of interaction is one of my favorite parts of what we’ve created here… and I know you’re going to love it, too. 

Pack Component #10 – Monthly LIVE Coaching Calls With Funk And Angela

How would you like myself and my wife Angela to personally get on a LIVE coaching call with you and the other members of the Kettlebell Spartan Academy And share our favorite “tricks of the trade” that we’ve learned in almost 50 years of combined experience in athletic nutrition, kettlebell training, metabolic training, MMA coaching and competing, mobility, mindset, recovery and so much more? Well when you sign up for the 10-Day Kettlebell Spartan Bootcamp you’ll get that opportunity every month. We’ll even share insider secrets that most people have to pay hundreds of dollars for when they come out to our training seminars.. But for you— it’ll just be a part of this incredible package deal as a way of saying “thank you” for joining this awesome new kettlebell community.

Funk Fitness Shred App

Just like with any program, the fastest way to see results is to track your progress…  So the 28 Day Kettlebell Spartan Beginner Workout program is also accessible on my world renown fitness app where you can have easy access directly from your phone, tablet and in the future Apple TV and Roku .

Meet Your Trainers and Coaches

Funk Roberts – Kettlebell Spartan Academy

Funk Roberts is a former professional athlete and Muay Thai fighter as it a world renown Master Metabolic Training, Certified MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach and Certified Kettlebell Specialist who has helped thousands and thousands of fighters around the world improve their overall strength, conditioning and nutrition and reach their fitness goals including UFC fighters, Muay Thai champions and BJJ champs using kettlebells. Funk’s metabolic training protocol is world renown and has been used by trainers, coaches and gym owners around the world

Coach Angela Roberts – Kettlebell Spartan Academy

Coach Angela Roberts is a Certified Advanced Kettlebell Coach, former unbeaten professional Muay Thai Fighter, former champion bodybuilder and certified as a personal trainer.  Angela style of training brings kettlebell workouts to the next level and her fitness background, expert program design and coaching skill set makes her the perfect kettlebell coach.