Total Body Terminator – 5 Day Workout Split Program

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Over the next 4 weeks you are going to be using the 5-day workout split that generally targets a specific muscle group per session, ensuring that we overload the muscles so that you can build lean muscle, improve strength, and build muscle. Each workout is 15 minutes long. You will perform all 5 workouts during the week taking the weekend to rest before repeating the workouts each week so you can track your progress throughout the 4 weeks. The workouts will be 15 minutes in length with chest day, biceps day, triceps day, legs day and finally combining back and shoulder and all you need are dumbbells. Each workout session ends off with a dumbbell abs and core circuit to help you build washboard abs and a bulletproof core…along with a pre warm up and post workout stretch. Your recovery days are going to be crucial to your success. Whether you are an intermediate or an advanced lifter or you have hit a plateau then the Total Body Terminator – 4 Week Program is for YOU!

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Total Body Terminator program OVERVIEW

Welcome to the Total Body Terminator 4 Week Bodybuilding Program.


With most traditional weightlifting and bodybuilding workout routines, you perform a set of exercises for a specific number of reps. 


If max strength and power is your goal, chances are you are going for 3-5 reps. 


Want to see optimal strength gains? You might push that up higher to the 5-8 rep range. 


And, if you want to build muscle, you’ll be hitting the high rep ranges of 8-12 reps.


No matter where you happen to fall on the rep spectrum, conventional bodybuilding workouts have one thing in common. You perform the given number of reps, after which, you take a brief pause before continuing on again with a second set.


This continues for three to five sets upon which, you then move to another exercise.


With Total Body Terminator this all changes however. 


Think of this like Bodybuilding 2.0 or what I call Metabolic Bodybuilding 


Now, rather than performing a certain number of reps per exercise, you are focusing on performing as many reps as you can for a given time. 


So rather than doing your workout and counting sets, you’re counting seconds.


Now with Total Body Terminator we are still going to use proven bodybuilding techniques but with a metabolic flair to ensure to hit every muscle group, with the volume and intensity to maximize your lean muscle growth in just 4 weeks.


Are you ready to take your training to yet another level?


Here is what you get when you purchase the Total Body Terminator 4 Week Program – Digital Download and Access:


  • Total Body Terminator follow along workout videos 

  • Total Body Terminator demo videos 

  • Total Body Terminator Training Guide

  • Total Body Terminator Success Calendar which lays out your entire 4 week  schedule

  • Dumbbell and Bodyweight Abs Workout Finisher Videos (follow along videos) 

  • Warm up and Stretch Routine Videos (follow along videos)

  • Access to Program on Website

  • FREE ACCESS: Funk Supplements Tribe Private Facebook Group

  • LIVE Monthly Facebook Coaching: Q&A, Fitness, Supplements, Nutrition and More