Funk Red Resistance Band


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Funk Red Resistance Band – Light (41” – 15-35lbs)

Red Resistance Band

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Funk Fitness Red Resistance Band

Light (41” – 15-35lbs)

The Funk Resistance Bands are an amazing tool to add different resistance to your workouts, bodyweight exercises, activation warmups, glute training, stretching and a way to assist in your pull ups and dips.

Because the bands are lightweight, they are easy to use and take with you if you travel, go to the gym or want to get a great workout outside.

Our bands are created with extra durable thick layer of to ensure toughness and are snap resistance, 41 inches long x 1/2 inches wide and is 15-35lbs in resistance.

The Red Band is one that you will use more often than not…perfect for travelling with, adding resistance to your workouts, muscle building, stretching, activation, glute training and metabolic workouts. These are one of the best tools for warming up and strengthening smaller muscle groups, particularly the shoulders and arms.

Dimensions and Resistance

  • Red Band is 41” (104cm) and 1/2 inches wide.
  • The resistance ranged from 15-35lbs.
Material – Natural Extra Durable Latex and is Snap resistance – Resistance bands are made from natural rubber latex and my effect people with latex sensitivity is unknown and not recommended.

Warranty – Lifetime Warranty