Refund Policy

Last Updated: March 2024

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Welcome to Funk Supplements Refund Policy page

We understand that shopping online comes with its uncertainties, and sometimes, things don’t work out as planned. 

That’s why we’ve crafted a policy that aims to be fair and clear, ensuring that both our customers and our business can continue to thrive and grow together.

Our Approach to Refunds:

Impact on Our Business: Each refund request has significant implications, not just financially but also on our ability to invest in and improve our product development, customer service, and overall operations. We strive to offer high-quality products and services and rely on your satisfaction to move forward.

Future Purchases: In line with our commitment to thoughtful purchasing and maintaining the integrity of our transactions, we have a firm policy: customers who proceed with a refund will no longer be able to purchase any products or services from us in the future. This decision is made to protect the sustainable growth of our business and ensure we can continue to serve our loyal customer base effectively.

Thoughtful Purchasing: We encourage our customers to make purchases thoughtfully, understanding the impact of refunds not only on our business but on the broader community of customers and supporters who benefit from our products and services.

How to Request a Refund:

If you believe you require a refund, we ask you to consider the points above and if you still wish to proceed, follow these steps:

Contact Us: Reach out to our customer service team via  with your order details and the reason for your refund request.

Review: Our team will review your request considering our policy and the specifics of your case.

Confirmation: Should you choose to proceed after our conversation, we ask you to confirm your decision to finalize the refund process.

Processing: Upon confirmation, we will process your refund according to our terms and conditions. Please note, as mentioned above, confirming your refund means you will not be able to make future purchases with us.

Final Thoughts:

We’re here to help and want you to be delighted with your purchase. If there’s an issue, we encourage you to reach out to us first. Often, there’s a way to resolve concerns without needing to resort to a refund. Whether it’s additional information, support, or a different solution, we’re committed to ensuring your satisfaction.

Thank you for choosing Funk Supplements. 

We value your business and are dedicated to ensuring your experience with us is positive, even in situations where things don’t go as planned.

Team Funk Supplements