Please be advised that you may be charged extra duties, tariffs or brokerage fees that are out of our control.

The Funk Supplements Subscribe and Save Program is a no brainer when it comes to getting the most out of your Funk Supplements Products. No signup is needed. Simply opt in for our Subscription program when you “Add To Your Cart” and you will receive an additional discount on the product price. You can have as many products on your Monthly Subscription as you’d like. Our 3-month minimum commitment ensures that you LOCK INTO our Special product pricing and priority. After 3 months in the Subscribe and Save program you can CANCEL at ANYTIME directly from your ACCOUNT page.


In order to help ensure that you receive your supplements on a consistent basis while you save more money, we have implemented our Funk Supplement Subscription Program


We have a 3-month minimum commitment on our subscription because you are receiving special pricing. After the 3 months you can CANCEL anytime

You get an additional discount on the product sale price

You will receive a Fresh Shipment every 30 days, so you don’t run out

Priority protection so your subscription is first to get process, filled and shipped to your door

YOU also get early access to limited production runs or new flavours when released

If you want to adjust your order or delivery date at any time by reaching out to our customer relations team


Please be advised that you may be charged extra duties, tariffs or brokerage fees that are out of our control.

When you order Funk Supplements using subscriptions you are able to take advantage of a discounted price. Your supplement will auto renew the same day each month and be delivered on your scheduled purchase option. You have a 3-month minimum commitment for the special pricing and you can cancel any time after the 3 month period.

Funk Supplements and/or Products are automatically delivered on your schedule. No obligation, modify or cancel your subscription any time after the 3-month minimum period.

Subscriptions can be paused once a year for a 30-day period.

To pause your subscription simply email us at support@funksupplementshop.com with the title “Pause Subscription”. Inside the email just let us know the reason as well as your order number and we will gladly pause your account for you. After the 30 day period your subscription will automatically resume.